As a worker cooperative, we work hard to unlearn modes of existence based on individualism which are constantly reinforced in capitalism.  We have stitched together a patchwork quilt of collective practices informed by other co-operative business and housing models, the collectivist survival methods of our folks and practical innovations called for by our own circumstances.

That said, we also have to survive in capitalism…  Our food and drink offerings are made to give a sense of uniqueness and care.  Our prices are set as low as we can make them to cover our costs and keep pushing.  Our shop is in a building we converted into a land trust to ensure long-term affordability, which allows us and our upstairs residential neighbors to afford being here

We support all efforts to maintain life and living for the dispossessed in places like Oakland, in which landlords, developers, and high cost of living push low income people like us to the margins.

Here are some customer and community quotes that inspire us, as well as love letters, fan art, and other dedications <3<3<3