Our Values

Building Community

We strive to foster a tangible sanctuary built on compassion through collective solidarity and reciprocity for all of our folks to feel welcome, cared for, and seen whenever they enter into our doors.

We hope to provide a warm space that is inclusive where community and neighbors can meet up.

Racial Equity + Queer and Trans Liberation

We understand the systemic impact of white supremacy on Black, Latinx, Indegnous, Undocumented, Queer and Transgender bodies. That’s why we work so hard to center the voices and experiences of these communities in order to not replicate harm, and instead to inspire hope and possibility.

Worker Autonomy

We encourage and empower our team members to take ownership and agency in the decision-making process, and we make space for them to do so. Here, the voices of the collective are more than welcomed, they are central to our success.

We will also serve healthy snacks and host a locally curated radical library

Access To Healthy Food

We believe access to healthy food to be a right and not a privilege. We actively strive to remove the stigma and barriers associated with healthy eating, while providing affordable food and drink options to our customers, and especially to community members who are highly impacted by economic inequity and white supremacy.

Mutual Aid

We are ready and willing to show up for one another. We thrive as a collective when we practice caring for ourselves, caring for each other, and caring for our business.